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The Dual Decree Newsletter

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The University of Maryland School of Medicine MSTP program newsletter is called The Dual Decree. It is published every quarter, and is available in both print and electronic forms.  Issues are sent home to current students while faculty, alumni, and prospective students are encouraged to visit this site to retrieve the PDFs.

The Dual Decree is an instrument though which the entire program can learn about the achievements of its students. It is also a source of information about current events in the scientific world, the world of healthcare policy, the research environment at Maryland, and the program itself.  Special features in each issue will vary, but there are a few standard elements, including a “To Do” list for students in the various stages of the program, some words from the directors, and a review of the research that we think will be seminal for the science of the future.  The ultimate goal of The Dual Decree is to be a resource for the academic and cultural growth of the members of our program.

Our newsletter is entirely student-run.  From the generation of ideas for articles to the final layout, everything is overseen by our student editors with the help of other students in the program.  We hope that this arrangement results in a timely and relevant publication that has something of interest to anyone who may read it.

If you would like The Dual Decree mailed to you, please send an email with your address to Jane Bacon.

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