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Requirements & Eligibility

Clincal image 01Eligible applicants must:

  • Be U.S. or Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Complete requirements for a bachelor’s degree (have excellent academic credentials) at an accredited academic institution prior to matriculation
  • Meet all admission requirements for the University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • The average GPA of all students in the program is: 3.72.
  • Meet the following pre-med course requirements:
    • Inorganic Chemistry (with lab) - 8 hours
    • Organic Chemistry (with lab)  -  8 hours
    • Biochemistry (without lab) is strongly recommended and may replace the second required semester of Organic Chemistry
    • Biology (with lab) - 8 hours
    • Physics (with lab) - 8 hours
    • College English - 6 hours
  • Have substantial laboratory experiences that demonstrate an aptitude and commitment to biomedical research